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Numerical Reasoning Test

Discover your candidates' numerical efficiency

What is it?

The Numerical Reasoning Test (NRT) is one of our innovative aptitude or psychometric tests and introduces the next generation of online numerical testing. Designed with clear and well-defined acknowledgement to the everyday working world we find ourselves living in today, the Capp NRT helps you discover candidates' numerical performance, focusing on their accuracy and efficiency.

How does it work?

Throughout the test the user is asked to identify relevant data to engage with and prioritise, comprehend a range of numerical information, interpret data presented in tables/graphs and modern visual formats, manipulate numerical data, and decipher problems and make decisions, thus deducting the commercial or pragmatic meaning of the data. The unique element surrounding the platform is that it’s a time-recorded test rather than a time-limited test.

When should I use it?

The Capp NRT is used for assessing suitability for roles that require analysis of information and data sets. Such roles could include administrative controllers, processing staff, research and development team members, commercial apprentices and trainees, as well as junior and middle managers.

What is the impact?

  • 97% of candidates found the Numerical Reasoning Test innovative because it is time-recorded not time-limited
  • 89% of candidates felt under less pressure because of the Numerical Reasoning Test's time-recorded approach
  • 0% adverse impact, levelling the playing field for all candidates

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